Primary service and schedule options
  • I am available to cook at clients houses and deliverly is optional in the Rochester area.
  • Available to work triweekly, biweekly, weekly, bimonthly, or monthly. Also available to cook for special gatherings. Schedule must me set two weeks in advance.  


  1. Grocery Shopping
    Grocery shopping will be done weekly to obtain all items in weekly menus. Flat fee of $30.00 per trip to store. Clients will not be charged for the cost of the groceries.
  2. Meal Prep
    Meal preparation for future meals. Meal prep for meals that can be put into the oven and cooked. Minimal assembly may be required.
  3. Menu Creation
    Each week I will create a weekly menu with clients. It will include meals that I will make, prep, and meals that clients will be responsible for.
  4. Dinner Meals
    Larger meals cooked to completion for the whole family to enjoy. Dinner meals will be available on days I am scheduled to cook.
  5. Pricing
    Delivery meals are charged per meal and food preparation at clients home is charged per hour. Price varies based what kind of groceries are preferred (organic, gluten free, etc..). Range from $15-$30 per hour/per meal.

Initial Consultation 

The initial consult has a fee of $50.00 and will take about 60 to 90 minutes. During this time prospectives are given the oppurtunity to: interview me and ask any questions they have, give me a tour of the kitchen that I will be cooking in and have me cook a meal from my intital consult meals menu.  
 If prospectives clients decide to take me on. We will then discuss pricing. I will also go through the questionaire with the client. The clients will receive the questionaire via email and complete it before the intitial consult. The questionaire has questions that help me determine what clients like and dislike so I have a better understanding of the clients meal preferences. The first weeks menu will also be created at this time. 
Thrive Nutrition
Thrive Nutrition
I partner with nutritionists at Thrive Nutrition to help give clients fully customized menus based on their health goals -whether it’s keto, Paleo, low carb, specific carbohydrate (SCD) or something else. Thrive Nutrition is a great resource for nutrition information and health coaching. If you are interested in any nutrition services please check out Thrive Nutrition by clicking on the button above. They work with clients over the phone, via Skype and in person (located in Minneapolis).

Delicious nutritious meals right at home